Surperhero Summer learning Journey


This week for the SLG = Summer learning Journey we had to make up our own Superhero that required SOMEss research.

Miss Tele’a  introdused us to this site that AI makes you images but you have to search up things SPECIFIC.

After, She sent us off we had to make a list on what you want your superhero feautures.

Then, We had to do our photo  and put the superhero feautures on.

Next , We had to give our superhero a name ( A COOL NAME(: ).

Secondly we had to decorate and put in our supeheros Information.

Finally we had to show Miss Tele’a and blog.

I did well at my superhero.

I enjoyed making up my own hero.

I need to improve on making more info.


This week for reading we are learning to make infrences using evidence from the text.

First Miss Sinclair Disscused with  us what to do for the Google slides.

After that we had to finish it of and also the slides that had majoraty of the quetions.

Then we had to do a story using the image on it,

Next we had to show Miss Sinclair to blog.

Finally we had to Blog.

I did well at focusing.

I enjoyed everything.

I neeed to improve on nothing.


In Cybersmart we are learning how to use google apps for different Purposes. Today we made our own Word Finds on google slides.  I chose to make it about ”Wacky Hair day”. First we had a CHat about blogging with our teacher. The Word finds Topic had to be appropriate for our Blogs. We discussed the template & read through it. We then had to make a copy of the slides and created our own.

Can you find my 7 words?

School Gala

This week After inter school was the School Gala/Market.

First straight after lunch we got in our normal lines to get our Tokens.

Then Miss Tele’a & Miss White told us the expictations of it.

After that we had to walk to the court/Canape  to start shopping(:.

Next we only had one hour & got to get a Ice Block For FREE.

Finally when everything was finished we had to get in our lines and go back.

I did well at everything.

I enjoyed Everything.

I need to improve on getting more things.

Interschool Athletics

This Week 6,7,&8 we were working on our interschool athletics skills to warm up.

First on this week we got pulled out of class to try on our Athletics uniform.

The next day we had to get to school early at 8:00 so we can get ready and leave.

After that we went Lloyd Elsmore Park , Pakaranga by bus were athletics took place.

Then we Started to walk down and set up the tent & carpet for us to wait & eat before it started.

Secondly it started at 10:00 am straight for the games.

Finally when we were all finished with our games we went in the Bus & travelled back to school.

I did well at Sprinting.

I enjoyed eating.

I need to improve on running.

Formal letter – Writing

This week for writing we had to write a formal letter & go on Step Webs.

First we had to do it  on paper just for practise.

Then Miss White Told us the 7 things a formal letter needs to be a formal letter.

After that we had Start phisycly.

Next we had to Show Miss White & do Steps.

Finallly we had to Finish our daily tasks on Steps.

I did well at writing.

I enjoyed steps.

I need to improve on being more focused.


Week 6 , 7 , & 8 we have to make Pencil holders, Pencil case, & a Bookmark

This week we are working on Advertisments for our products.

First Miss Tele’a Told us what to do .

After that we had to do a jamboard.

Then we had to do a Google drawing or Canva.

Next we had to decorate it to not make it boring.

Finally we had to Show Miss Tele’a to Blog.

I did well at doing this.

I enjoyed decorating.

I need to improve on doing more.


This term we are learning about wonder & novels.

First we had to make sure that we read ”The Deal” pages 29 to 31.

Then we had to Make a copy of the phone template below. Your task is to imagine and create a text message conversation between two of the characters that appear in Chapter 11.

After that we had to Make sure you have read “Home” Pages 31 to 32before completing the  task.

Next we had to Make sure you have read “First-Day Jitters” pages 33-34 before completing the other task.

Finally we had to work on slide 6 & 7.

I did well at doing this.

I enjoyed reading it.

I need to improve on nothing.


This week for PB4L we are learning to be inclusive & not exclusive.

First Miss Tele’a disscused those two words & asked us if we new the meaning.

Then we had to work on this template and add visuals on how to be inclusive.

After that we had to fill in the boxes on what we should do to be like that.

Next we had to Decorate it to not look non boring.

Finally we had to show Miss Tele’a to say if we can Blog.

I did well at being a early finisher.

I enjoyed decorating.

I need to improve on having more idea’s.